HTML Tutorials

Images in HTML for beginners

Step One
Create HTML File

For the beginning open notepad or any other text or html editor, create html file and save it with .html extension.

How to align images using HTML

Step Two

Insert img tag wher you want that your image appear.

How to align images using HTML

Step Three
Insert Image

Possition the cursor between quotes and type the name of the image. After that put the mouse pointer in the img tag and type align="" and than type the kind of alignment to apply to the image between the quotes.
Now your site should look like this

How to align images using HTML

Step Four
Add More Images

Repeat this steps for every image you want to add. Possition the mouse pointer where you want breaks to appear and type br clear="all"/.
After that your site should look something like this.

How to align images using HTML


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