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Build Your First Web Site

Step One
HTML Editors

There are so many free WYSIWYG editors available for download on the internet that there is no need to buy any. Some of these free editors are really good and can be used to build very complex web sites. However for this first tutorial we are not going to use WYSIWYG editors instead of that we will build our first web site using Notepad.

Using PHP with Dreamweaver Step One

Step Two
Type Your first HTML Tag

Open your Notepad And Type html enclosed with brackets as you can see on the image below.
Every html document should start with html tag.

Using PHP with Dreamweaver Step One

Step Three
Head Tag

Type Head tag.
Head section of html document is very important. Visitors of your site will not see any information written in the head section. It is used by browsers. Browsers need this information in order to properly display content of your site.

Using PHP with Dreamweaver Step One

Step Four
Title Tag

Type title tag.
Name your site. This information appears on the top of the browser. Title tag is very important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will learn more about SEO in other tutorials.
Close title tag and then close head tag.

Using PHP with Dreamweaver Step One

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