Basics for Google, Yahoo and MSN optimization

Author : Jonathan Leger

When you decided to build your website you considered, how it will look, and then changed that, you also considered what content you found necessary and then added to that, you looked over it with a fine tooth comb and said okay its ready. But is it really?
You need to be sure your site is SEO optimized, and this basically means that either Google, Yahoo, or even MSN will pull it up on their search pages. Once you get your site to this point there are some serious things you need to do to make sure you get the ranking and hits you need to succeed.
First you need to add your website to the Search Engines databases, this is how your link ends up on the Search Results. You will also want to submit your sitemap to them as well. You then need to find other sites similar to yours or that has relevant information and trade links. You may find that sometimes another site will want to trade links with you even though it has nothing to do with your product, this is fine as long as you agree with their content, all exposure is good exposure.
Make sure you send out some form of email or go to each individual site and make sure the others know when you are up and running. Submit your site to the Open Directory, which is for bringing other languages into one understanding.
Keep you designs and content fresh at all times. Make sure your links are easy to understand and to the point. Keep your site rich and easy to comprehend. Make sure your key words lead to directly to you and that they are relevant words, also keep in mind other words someone might use to look for what you have to offer. Use Text over Images when displaying that important someone. Make sure your title is correct and says exactly what you do.
Make sure each part of your site works, and if not fix it. Keep funny marks out of the URL and Titles as much as possible. Make sure you do not over crowd the amount of links per page, the Search engines recommend no more than 100 per website.
There are some more guidelines available through the different search engines but you need to be sure to follow the ones that all three agree on.

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